Parents Evenings 2021-2022


Year 7

24 March 2022

Year 8

21 April 2022

Year 9

2 December 2021

Year 10

21 October 2021

Year 11

24 February 2022

Year 12/13

27 January 2022


Letters for parents evening will be sent out at least 2 weeks before the evening.


To sign on and make appointments go to 


A separate email will be sent to parents with the invite codes which will be needed to access your child’s account.


Even if you are unable to attend the evening please can you log on and select the ‘I’m unable to attend’.  This will prevent members of staff contacting you to see if you will be attending.


You are able to book appointments automatically or you are able to select people you wish to see depending on their availability.  As with all parents’ evenings, appointments will be made on a first come basis.  Appointments will start at 4pm and will run until 7.30pm. Each slot is 5 minutes long and will cut you off at the end of this time.  


Below is the guide to booking appointments along with the web address you need to log on to for appointment making and also attending the evening.  Also included is a link with a video which shows the process.  Please be aware not all of the video is relevant as it shows the teacher and admin side of the programme


Parents Evenings

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