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Through our curriculum students are taught how to use the Visual Elements of line, tone, colour, shape, texture, pattern and form as the basis of their visual language within their art work. They use these elements as a powerful tool of communication to develop their artistic and creative voice.

Through our curriculum we ensure that our students become fluent in practical skill and are creative, critical thinkers.
We celebrate the work of other artists, exploring other cultures and our environment and encourage diversity.
We develop students’ awareness of the impact of art upon society, and prepare them to engage with, and respond to the visual world in which they live.


 The music curriculum is designed to develop students into capable performers, with the focus on perseverance to gain better musical accuracy, especially in an ensemble situation. Students, regardless of previous musical experience will be encouraged to improve their skills. The curriculum will fill in gaps from KS2 and focusses on the key vocabulary needed for a better understanding of music; the elements of music.  


Head of Faculty: Mrs S Starr -



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