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Post-16 EU referendum

This morning, Post-16 students held a debate regarding the upcoming EU referendum.

Dr Carole Spibey, Assistant Principal Post-16 said, “We have very engaged and socially aware students who show genuine interest in political matters that affect society.  As part of our ethos to promote British values of democracy, equality and freedom of speech, the EU referendum provides the perfect platform for students to share and voice their opinions and take an active part in a very current and important debate that will affect them in their future lives.

The event has come about through discussion between myself and some of my Year 13 Chemistry class, where I first raised the idea of mirroring the EU referendum within the 6th form.  The level of mature debate and the clarity of their ideas and opinions were so impressive that it became immediately very clear that this would be a fantastic event, fully supported by the students and one that we needed to do.  An assembly was held to promote the idea and we have had an excellent response from the students registering to vote and volunteering to promote the arguments for and against, even if it is not their own beliefs.

The students have been able to debate and review the arguments using information from the BBC news website during their form time and we hope that this has encouraged students to take an active interest in this referendum, which is discussed daily in the newspapers, online and on TV.

We have tried to mirror the process with the idea of first registering to vote before you can receive your ballot paper, to reflect the situation they will experience when they are eligible to vote.

I am so inspired by the event and proud of the maturity displayed by our students.  I am  really looking forward to hearing our students put forward the arguments at our assembly on 4 May and then finding out whether the opinion of Neale-Wade Academy Sixth Form will mirror that of the country as a whole when we hold the vote on 10 June."