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Academy staff




Executive Principal  Mr Wing Principal's PA (see below)
Executive Principal’s PA  Mrs Kerr
Co-Head of School Mr Welling
Co-Head of School Mr Rowland
Vice Principal Mr Horn
Director of Curriculum & Careers Mrs Mandley
Assistant Principal (Teaching & Learning) Mr MacManus
Assistant Principal (Post 16) Dr Spibey
Assistant Principal (Languages, Oracy and Designated Teacher for Children in Care) Ms Howlett
Assistant Principal (Wellbeing and Aspiration) Mr Crawley
Assistant Principal (Science) Miss Wilson
Assistant Principal (BAPD) Mr Boyce
Director of Operations Mrs Graham
Senior Leader for Safeguarding and Mental Health Mrs Hitch
Attendance Officer  Mr Loveday
Clerk to the Governors  Miss Barnes
SEN Mr Dow
Year 7 Progress Leader Mr Abbey
Year 7 Pastoral Assistant Mrs Reed
Year 8 Progress Leader Mrs Harte
Year 8 Progress Leader Mrs Chegwidden
Year 8 Pastoral Assistant Mrs Mitchell
Year 9 Progress Leader Mr Woollard
Year 9 Progress Assistant Mrs Talmage
Year 10 Progress Leader Mr Iqbal
Year 10 Pastoral Assistant Mrs Gibbon
Year 11 Progress Leader Mr Tuffin
Year 11 Pastoral Assistant Mrs Ludlow
Post 16 Progress Leader Mrs Gribble
Post 16 Pastoral Assistant Mrs Ayres
Director of Business Studies and IT Mr Bradbury
Head of PE Miss Bathurst
Head of Humanities Mr Nash
Head of English Miss Harrison
Head of DT Dr Winn
Head of Maths Mrs Henman