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Neale-Wade staff, in partnership with parents and carers, aims to:

  • Provide students of all ages and abilities with a secure, well-ordered environment in which to foster their academic, physical, social and spiritual development.
  • Promote the development of their abilities, through a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.
  • Create a caring community in which each child is valued as an individual and becomes prepared to make a positive contribution to adult life.
  • Ensure all students are offered equal opportunities to develop their potential throughout the Academy.
  • Develop initiative, responsibility and sensitivity to the needs of others and the ability to achieve sound personal relationships.

To achieve these targets for students, the Principal and Governing Body of the Academy identify the welfare and development of all members of the Academy as a priority.

  • We will provide your child with a high quality education and facilities that are up-to-date, safe and secure.
  • We will treat them with courtesy and respect at all times.
  • We expect that whenever your child is in the Academy, they behave sensibly and appropriately and always show courtesy and consideration to other members of our community. Remember, no-one has the right to interrupt the learning of others.
In our classrooms we want your child to:
  • Arrive at lessons and registration on time
  • Bring all necessary equipment in suitable bags e.g. pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, calculator, PE kit, planner and any homework due
  • Listen to the person who should be talking
  • Always follow the Teacher’s instructions
  • Respect all property and do not use graffiti
  • Work sensibly and do not disturb their classmates
  • Adhere to classroom rules
  • Try to see other people’s point of view
  • Know that only drinking water is allowed
During the day we want your child to:
  • Move around the Academy in a quiet and orderly way
  • Keep to the left in corridors and on stairs
  • Show consideration for others in crowded areas
  • Hold doors open and let others pass through
  • Stay in the correct area at breaks and lunchtime
  • Only eat food in the designated areas
  • Put litter in the bins
  • Leave sweets and fizzy drinks at home
  • Know that chewing gum is not allowed
  • Stay away from the staff car park