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This document is signed by parents/carers, students and Academy representatives during the induction process before admittance to the Academy. It outlines the expectations of the Academy, students and parents/carers and is an agreement that we will work together to ensure the children get the best possible experience at the Academy.

Safe and secure use of the internet is vital at the Academy. We have created a wide ranging e-safety policy that aims to ensure students can make positive use of internet connected devices for their education but minimises opportunities for cyberbullying and related issues. The policy provides guidance for use of the internet, devices such as iPads and the appropriate procedures should any concerns arise. Every student in the Academy is required to agree to our AUP (acceptable use policy) before they are granted access to the Academy network and internet connection. This outlines the responsibilities and expectations of safe, sensible and secure use of IT for effective learning. We are extremely keen to encourage effective use of IT across all subjects but such activities are predicated by e-safety and security at all times.

The Academy will:
  • Provide a clear guide on expectations of students in terms of both work and behaviour. This will  include a reward process to congratulate students who keep to the guidelines and the consequences  should students choose not to.
  • Communicate with parents and carers to inform them of their child’s progress.
  • Monitor attendance, punctuality and uniform and inform parents/carers of concerns as soon as  possible.
  • Respect each child as an individual and work with them to ensure they reach their full potential.
  • Undertake all National Curriculum, Special Needs and other statutory requirements.
  • Set appropriate homework; mark it and feedback to the student.
Parents and carers will:
  • Ensure their child arrives on time, attends regularly and wears the full Academy uniform.
  • Inform the Academy immediately of any absence.
  • Attend parents’ evenings and, if applicable, invited to academic mentoring sessions to support  academic progress.
  • Encourage their child to respect all members of the Academy community and maintain a positive attitude towards their learning.
  • Support the Academy in implementing the rules in terms of both work and behaviour and any consequences which may be required as a result of breaching these rules including after school  detentions.
  • Ensure their child completes any homework set and hands it in.
Students will:
  • Work to their full potential at all times.
  • Follow the Academy expectations at all times observing all Academy rules.
  • Attend regularly, be punctual and wear full uniform.
  • Respect their environment and other members of the Academy community.
  • Bring the correct equipment for lessons.
  • Complete homework to a high standard and hand it in on time.