Ethos and Values

Our vision for Neale-Wade and our community is one of opportunity, success, confidence and pride.

Experience tells us that we are happiest when we are at our most confident.  It is confidence in ourselves and others, that enables us to be proud of who we are and our community.

Being able to progress with our learning and approach the future with optimism is crucial, not only for our own wellbeing, but also ensuring we are successful in our ventures.

Confidence is learned.  It is only through opportunity are we able to discover new talents, develop our interests or progress our learning. Providing a range of opportunities in and out of the classroom is fundamental to our curriculum at Neale-Wade.

Recognising our successes is how we embed and reinforce these attributes. It is only through the support and recognition from others, that we are able to have the courage and motivation to continue our development.


The Neale-Wade Way

To enable us to access the opportunities afforded to us and to be able to foster confidence and pride in ourselves and others, we, as a school community will be:


Ready to learn

Ready for the next phase of our lives

Ready for our next challenge / opportunity


Respect ourselves

Respect others

Respect our environment


Keep ourselves safe

Ensure others are safe