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Primary Team Maths Challenge

On Monday 11 July the Academy hosted several groups of students from our feeder primary schools, in the Primary Team Maths Challenge.  Year 12 students assisted Miss Poole in running this new event.

Miss Poole and Mrs Grant, Maths teachers at the Academy

The 1st Primary Maths Team Challenge took place on 11 July 2016 and was an opportunity for local primary schools to take part in a variety of maths based activities.  Great team work was demonstrated throughout the day and the children’s enthusiasm for maths was clear to see.

Using UK Mathematics Trust resources Miss Poole structured a timetable for the day which would stretch and challenge the Year 5 and 6 students from the primary schools.  On arrival the students completed some Starter questions which could also be answered at any time during the day and in the event of a tie-break the scores would be used.  This proved invaluable as both Burrowmoor and Kingsfield schools achieved the same scores in the other 5 rounds.  The 5 rounds included crossnumber, relay and logic puzzles which tested the students understanding of straightforward mental maths as well as strategic maths.

Burrowmoor Primary School


 The group of Year 12 students from NWA played an important role in the event and the smooth-running of the different maths activities.  Keeping students motivated, giving clues, collecting and recording scores was a vital part to their role.

Townley Primary School students working as a team 


Westwood Junior School 

Burrowmoor Primary School were the winners 

 Congratulations to the winning team of students from Burrowmoor Primary School – great team work!!

 We look forward to seeing everyone again next year for the 2nd Primary Team Maths Challenge at Neale Wade Academy.