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Year 9 students support the Witchford Partnership

On Friday 14 October a group of 13 Year 9 students helped support the Witchford Partnership in leading 6 different playground games to primary school students from Kingsfield, Alderman Jacobs and Coates. 

The games included Sharks, Shipwrecked, Hopscotch, I wrote a letter, What’s the time and Scarecrow tag.


The leaders were responsible for explaining the game, demonstrating how to play and then helping the students engage in the activity whilst ensuring all students were safe. The primary schools rotated around each of the 6 activities spending around 10 minutes on each.


A number of staff members commented on how well our leaders did and Natalie Galloway (the member of staff from the Witchford Partnership) said they had been some of the best leaders she had worked with.  As a result the partnership would like to come to the Academy more often to deliver activities to the local Primaries.