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Netball success

The Year 8 and Year 10 netball teams have both played against Thomas Clarkson Academy this week.

Year 8

This week, the Year 8 netball team played against Thomas Clarkson Academy, on a very wet and cold afternoon.  For many of the girls, it was the first time they have represented the academy in netball.  When they arrived, they were excited to play against another school.  Throughout the game, the girls did not stop working for one another, whilst they were all trying to apply all the skills and tactics they have learnt at training into the game.  By the end of the game, the students were applying space to outwit the Thomas Clarkson students.  It was a thrilling game to watch, as interceptions were flying in all over the court.  All the students showed respect to their opponents and the game was played in such a friendly manner.

Thomas Clarkson voted Ella Mason Woman of the Match for her energy throughout the game.  However, Beth Munden was voted Woman of the Match from her team mates, but I would like to say congratulations to Leah Bass, as she scored her first ever goal for the team - well done to all the girls!

Team: Georgia Dean; Paris Harding; Gabriella Zylinska; Ella Mason; Millie Edwards; Sophie West; Dannielle Garner; Leah Bass and Beth Munden.n

Result: 3 TCA – 3 NWA


Year 10

The Year 10 netball team were excited to play against Thomas Clarkson Academy on Wednesday 9 November.  All the girls worked particularly hard on a cold afternoon.  The girls took the weather into consideration and displayed perfect footwork, by landing on two feet to steady themselves.  The defence was strong, as they would intercept the ball, whilst in the centre third, they would work together to ensure they received the ball into space.  Additionally, in the attacking third, Sophie Tanner, Georgia Clark and Megan Hubbard passed some perfectly timed balls into the circle to ensure Holly Newell or Megan Hubbard could score.

I would like to thank Sophie Smith (a Year 9 student) for playing in this game, as although she was playing against older students, she did not look out of place.  

The Year 10 Woman of the Match was Georgia Clarke- well done on timing your runs to perfection to receive the ball.   

Well done on a fantastic win!

Team: Holly Newell; Jessica Carse; Charley Mulliner; Georgia Clarke; Megan Hubbard; Amey Wilson; Sophie Tanner; Sophie Smith

Result: 1 TCA – 28 NWA


Miss Bywater