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Neale-Wade Academy rewards Y11 students for making progress

Since January 2017 the Neale-Wade Academy has been running a ‘Mentoring Project’ which involved 16 members of staff agreeing to mentor 2 Year 11 students each until their final GCSE exams. 

Each week students meet with their mentor to discuss their progress and receive support to help eliminate any barriers which are hindering their progress.  Mentors also provide emotional support to students at a time which can be very stressful.

The recent mock exams highlighted that 10 of these mentoring students have made 1 whole grade progress in each of their 8 subjects since their mentoring began.  In recognition of their hard work and exceptional achievement, all 10 students were invited to the Executive Principal’s office and rewarded with a £10 Amazon voucher and a certificate.

Jordan Johns said ‘I am glad that I was picked to be mentored as this allows me to speak to my mentor when I feel stressed out.  My mentor has also provided me with extra exam papers to complete at home’.

Philip Hayden said ‘Mentoring has helped me with areas of work that I was not achieving my best in and improve my overall grades in all subjects.’

Well done to each of these students involved! We look forward to celebrating the success of all our Year 11 students in their GCSE examinations in the summer.

Mr A Iqbal