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Neale-Wade student receives Junior Young Person of the Year Award for Cambridgeshire

On 29 November 2017 Neale-Wade Academy student Charlie Calvert was awarded the Junior Young Person of the Year Award for Cambridgeshire at a prestigious award ceremony in Cambridge.

At Neale-Wade Academy Charlie is regarded as both an outstanding role model, particularly in regard to building capacity in and helping others.  His exemplary record speaks for itself.  He is an attendance role model, has attained British Values Rewards for motivation, ambition, conscientiousness, community spirit, confidence and drive.  He is always bright and cheery and is capable of holding an eloquent conversation whenever it is required.

In September 2016 he was awarded a Gold Student Ambassador Award in recognition of 3 outstanding years at the Academy.  To achieve a Student Ambassador Award students need to display a wide range of leadership skills both in and out of the classroom.  Evidence of Charlie’s achievements include:

  • Peer mentoring of students who may be experiencing difficulties in lessons.  With engineering as a recent example, Charlie has supported students in a range of learning activities building their capacity to learn and overcome subject specific challenges
  • Delivery of a presentation and subsequent question and answer session on the Police Cadets to his tutor group.  This highlighted Charlie’s confidence to speak in front of others utilising both a formal and informal style.  Once again an excellent role model for his peers
  • Contribution to wider Academy life was covered by being a member of the Academy peer mentoring group H2L, which supports students with a wide range of social issues.  Charlie is also the Head of the Diana Anti-bullying group in the Academy which has organised a multitude of fund raising events, such as cake sales, to raise awareness and support students influenced by bullying
  • Contribution to life in the community is covered by Charlie’s involvement with the Police Cadets.  As a proud member of this local group Charlie has been a regular attendee and used his leadership skills to benefit others

Charlie meets me on a termly basis both as the Head of Diana Anti-bullying and as a member of H2L.  What impresses me immensely is Charlie’s ability to build capacity in other students.  As the lead student at the meeting it would be very easy for him to choose to dominate proceedings and be the sole voice of the group.  I have no doubt that Charlie possesses the qualities to dominate a meeting if he so wishes, but he consciously makes an effort to draw the opinions of all involved.  He has a kind, caring yet authoritative manner in this situation.  Excellent as a role model but equally giving other people the opportunity and support to make their voice heard too.

Furthermore, Charlie was selected to receive an award in London for his contributions to the Diana Award group.  This prestigious national award highlights the impact that his actions have had beyond the boundaries of the Academy.  Charlie is someone who truly makes a difference and inspires others.  He possesses the natural air of leadership and is truly a young man worthy of commendation.

Finally, Charlie has made a tremendous contribution to his local Police Cadet unit where his leadership qualities have enabled others to partake in a wide variety of projects that have been of benefit to the community.  £200 of the prize money that Charlie received for his award will be presented to his local unit as a token of appreciation for the opportunities that it has provided him with.

Mr Welling, Head of School