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Annual Reports

Annual Reports

The system used at the Academy for monitoring students’ progress is called GO4Schools.

 GO 4 Schools

The system provides on-line reports and assessments all year round that can be accessed at any time.  In order to access GO4Schools you will need to have given us your email address which will go into our database. This email address forms part of your log in details, along with a password, which on request is sent to this email account. Full details on how to log in will be sent to you.

How does it work?

Teachers put important subject marks into electronic mark books. These marks are usually grades or levels given to students on completion of projects, topics, tests or homework. They also give a target level to aim for in each subject that year.

If students produce really good work in class or as homework, teachers will reward them with points for effort and behaviour. Students can check how they are doing in all of their subjects and how many reward points they have gathered from any computer in the Academy.

The Progress Leader also publishes students’ annual reports online and parents / carers will be notified when they can access this information. Hard copies of reports are available on request; please ask either your child’s Form Tutor or Pastoral Assistant to arrange this.

Parents and carers can also receive weekly emails advising them of how many good or poor behaviour choices their child has made that week. If you need any further help or information you can contact us on or via the Academy contact us page.