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Full attendance maximises learning opportunities and research suggests that just 17 days absence in any one year = 1 GCSE grade drop in achievement.

The Academy places great importance in excellent attendance and punctuality as this contributes to your child’s success at the Academy.

Our Academy attendance target of 95% is the minimum that we expect for all students.  To achieve this attendance level, a student should have no more than 9 ½ days absence in an entire academic year.  If a student’s attendance falls to 90% this is the equivalent of missing half a day every single week; 85% is equivalent to a student missing around 6 weeks in an academic year.  Attendance role models will aspire for an attendance of 97% and above.


We would appreciate the full support of parents and carers in ensuring that their child attends whenever possible.  This means only keeping your child off school when it is unavoidable and helps them to develop good habits for the world of work.  For example:

  • Illness – only keep your child at home for genuine illnesses, not minor ailments (you will know!).  If you’re not sure, send them to school with a note and school can contact you if there’s a problem.
  • Medical/dental appointments – make routine appointments out of school time.  If this is not possible, please notify us in advance and ensure that your child attends school both before and after the appointment as appropriate.
  • Family Holidays – please arrange holidays during the school holidays, not during term time. 

Absence for any other reasons will be dealt with individually.  Please contact your child’s year office for more information. 


We monitor students’ attendance and punctuality very closely and will follow up any unexplained absences with parents/carers.  Where a student’s attendance record causes concern, we will contact you to discuss ways in which the Academy can support you and your child.  Attendance is recognised as part of the Academy reward system.

Reporting an Absence:

If your child is too ill to attend the Academy, you should contact the Visitors’ Reception or Pastoral Assistant as soon as possible on the day of absence by telephone or by email.  We ask that you contact us each day your child is absent, unless you have already given us an indication of how long the absence will last.  On your child’s return, please send a note or email to explain the absence.

Absence Call:

We take our safeguarding responsibility seriously.  If the Academy has not received notification of absence, an automated call is made daily to parents/carers if a student is absent from Period 1.  Calls are made on a daily basis, even when your child has been absent due to illness on previous days.  We cannot assume that your child is still ill unless you have notified us.  We would not wish to put your child at risk by failing to contact you.

Leave of Absence:

Taking time off for holidays interferes with students’ learning and progress.  In addition, students’ exam results may be affected; they may miss important exams or controlled assessments.  No leave of absence for holidays will be granted during term time.  Absence taken without authorisation will lead to your child having unauthorised absences and may lead to a prosecution under the Education act 1996 or a Fixed Penalty Notice being issued by the Local Authority.  Penalty Notices are issued under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2006 and are £60 per parent per child if paid within 28 days.