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Biometric Statement



Biometric Information Statement

Neale-Wade Academy uses biometric identification systems for printing, cashless catering, electronic registration, library book borrowing and door entry systems.

Biometric identification is one of many systems used within the School to provide a more efficient service to our students. It improves the services we offer students and staff significantly, with benefits including reduction in:

  • queuing time
  • administration time and cost dealing with lost or forgotten cards/passwords/PINs
  • opportunities for bullying as there is nothing that can be stolen for use by another student

    Biometric Data

    Biometric data means personal information about an individual’s physical or behavioural characteristics that can be used to identify that person. This can include their fingerprints, facial shape, retina and iris patterns, and hand measurements. The biometric identification systems operated at Neale-Wade Academy uses the finger and its image to uniquely identify each student.

    The system measures many aspects of the finger to do this. Students have their fingerprint

    registered, which is translated in to a unique identification code and this is entered into the system. The system does not create or store an image of the fingerprint and can not be regenerated from the digital data.  When a student uses the biometric identification systems, they are identified by their identification code. This form of identification is called Biometrics, which translated means measurements of human characteristics. This is not fingerprinting.

    Biometric data that is collected by the school is processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and with the guidance by the Information Commissioner’s Office regarding the use of biometric data. In particular:

  • The biometric data is stored securely to prevent any unauthorised or unlawful use within the boundaries of the EU.


  • The biometric data is not kept for longer than it is needed, meaning that the school will destroy a pupil’s biometric data if they no longer use the system, leave the school, or if consent is withdrawn.


  • The school ensures that the biometric data is used only for the purposes for which it was obtained and that such data is not unlawfully disclosed to third parties.


    The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 advises that written parental permission should be obtained to use the biometric data of students.

    From 25 May 2018 a child’s consent is required under Data Protection Law (approx. age 12- in the absence of any disability/SEN affecting level of understanding.

    Permission is sought from parents/children by way of a letter of consent. Once a parent/child has given consent, the consent is valid until a child leaves the school.  Consent can be withdrawn at anytime, the notice for withdrawal must be provided to the school in writing.


Biometric Authorisation - Parent

Please complete and return to Neale-Wade Academy

Child's Name: _______________________________________

Please tick one option:

I DO give permission for my child to be enrolled in the biometric system    

I DO NOT give permission for my child to be enrolled in the biometric system    

Signed:  ________________________________ Date: ______________________

Print:  __________________________________________________  __________

Biometric Authorisation - Pupil

Please complete and return to Neale-Wade Academy

Name: _______________________________________

Please tick one option:

I DO give permission to be enrolled in the biometric system            

I DO NOT give permission to be enrolled in the biometric system    

Signed:  ________________________________ Date: ______________________