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About Us


When students complete their learning journey through Neale-Wade Academy, they will depart as: self-motivated individuals who are independent problem solvers confident in using their oracy skills (how to listen, discuss, debate and public speaking) ready to take an active role in society. 

Throughout this journey we aim to develop each child’s character and behaviours to support their academic and personal development via: leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication skills.

These characteristics will support students to achieve their best future whether it be academic, vocational or into employment. Our curriculum is aiming to offer a range of pathways which pupils begin to diversify into from the end of year 9. This diversification is based on strong careers' guidance and opens up different opportunities for some students to experience a more vocational pathway or to continue to follow a more academic route. In all cases, our curriculum still allows students to access a broad range of enrichment, social, cultural and creative experiences that enhance their life experience and understanding of citizenship.  It also maintains flexibility so that students are not locked into a route that is not appropriate for them. 

The curriculum in each subject area has been reverse engineered from university and career preparation, through A-Level, GCSE and into Key Stage 3. Our Curriculum Leaders have crafted a rigorous curriculum in each subject that promotes curiosity and develops a depth of understanding. At each point the knowledge, conceptual understanding and skills that need to be mastered in order to move on are clearly defined. All subjects prepare our students for future study within this discipline, leaving no doors closed, as they take ownership of their future choices and move through their education at Neale-Wade.

We commit extra curriculum time to English and mathematics in every year group. This allows our students to quickly develop literacy and numeracy skills and to close any identified gaps from Key Stage 2. Furthermore, students are taught about the importance of linking and applying knowledge and skills cross curricular.  

Progress through our curriculum is measured twice yearly through the completion of examinations and assessed tasks (formative assessment), alongside regular low stakes tests to develop knowledge and promote a shift in long term memory, and the completion of a range of home learning tasks throughout the year (summative assessment). Through all this, our students are challenged to become independent learners, creative thinkers and problem solvers. Parents are invited to meet teachers at least once each year to discuss their child’s progress and strategies for further improvement.

A range of discussions, assemblies and presentations by external organisations and local employers are used to give our pupils the language and structure to explore issues relevant to March, Fenland and wider society. 
Alongside the curriculum, we run a variety of enrichment sessions for our students. We want them to develop interests and passions that will give them enjoyment throughout their lives. Students are able to choose from a range of activities including: cooking, debating, drama, astronomy, chess, sports and playing in our orchestra (see full extra-curricular timetable)

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