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About Us


Our English curriculum aims to develop holistic skills in reading, writing and speaking & listening  in order to equip pupils with the skills they need to contribute positively to the world around them.

We aim to increase students' understanding of their cultural and literary heritage, and to develop vocabulary so that students can make sense of society, articulate their feelings and be able to empathise with others.  Students should develop an ability to be critical thinkers and to judge the value and worth of texts in relation to themselves and society as a whole.

Key skills include:

  • vocabulary acquisition and usage in writing and speaking;
  •  identification, analysis and evaluation of techniques at word, sentence and text level in writing, and in speech, through reading and listening.
  • Application of these techniques to craft student’s own writing
  • The ability to be critical readers and understand and interpret a writer’s explicit and implicit meaning.

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Department Staff

Head of English Miss C Harrison
Second in English Mr S Thomas
Teacher of English Mrs L Bowes
Teacher of English Mrs C Fadipe
Teacher of English Mrs T Halls
Teacher of English Miss M Holden
Teacher of English/Assistant Principal Ms C Howlett
Teacher of English Mr H Ide
Teacher of English Mr T Lawson
Teacher of English/Assistant Principal Mr C MacManus
Teacher of English Mrs J Mallett
Teacher of English Ms J McInnis
Teacher of English Mr C O'Leary
Teacher of English Mr Z Parsons
Teacher of English Miss E Atiase