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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Query     I want to request time off school for my child.

Solution  Write a letter or email for the attention of the Pastoral Assistant (details on the contacts page)  explaining the reasons for the request.

Query     I want to take my child out of school for a holiday.

Solution  Please note: holidays in term time are not authorised. Any other request for absence will be dealt with individually. Please contact the Attendance Officer Mrs Langley for more information

Query     My child is ill and will not be attending school.

Solution  Call the Visitors’ Reception or email your Pastoral Assistant (details on the contacts page) and  explain the reason why your child will be absent from school that day.

Query     I am concerned that my child is being bullied.

Solution  Contact your child’s Form Tutor or Progress Leader and explain your concerns to them. They  may have to refer you to another member of staff if appropriate.

Query     My child is feeling unwell but I have still sent them into school.

Solution  Write a note in your child’s planner explaining this. If your child deteriorates throughout the  day, your child may be referred to the Medical Room. You will be contacted if it is felt your child needs to be at home.  Please ensure we have the correct details to contact someone.

Query     What is Student Reception?

Solution  It’s where students can hand in letters for staff, check on timetables, exam times, and ask staff  for, or find out where various meetings are being held.

Query     My child has to take medication.

Solution  This should be clearly labelled in the original container with a letter stating what the medicine is, what it is for, dosage, time to be taken and possible side effects.  It should be handed to Medical Room staff.

Query     I was not contacted in an emergency.

Solution  Ensure that the Academy has the correct details for you and / or someone who we can contact  in an emergency. See details of who to contact on the contacts page.

Query     I’ve heard I can receive information on my mobile phone. How does that work?

Solution  Schoolcomms uses parental emails and mobile numbers which are collected at the beginning  of each academic year.  Schoolcomms allows the Academy to send multiple text or voice mail messages, reminding parents of events, meetings or parents’ evenings. It is also used for absence calls. If parents haven’t informed us of their child’s absence, year offices will send Schoolcomms messages requesting information on the absence.

Query     My child lost their planner.

Solution  Your child should check with their Progress Leader or Student Reception to see if their planner was handed in. If not, contact your child’s year office (details on the contacts page) to  arrange a replacement.

Query      My child lost their PE kit and / or coat.

Solution   All items of clothing should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and year group.  However, if your child has lost an item, they should go to Student Reception and see if it has been handed in. Lost property is displayed at the end of each half term for students to check.

Query      The Academy needs to take a photo of my child for work purposes.

Solution   All parents sign a form at the beginning of the year to authorise the taking of photos of their  child. Parents can inform us if they wish this permission to be changed, at any time, through the year office.

Query      My child is worried they won’t be able to go to the toilet when they need to.

Solution   Toilets are available throughout the Academy site. Access is primarily at break or lunch times or between lessons, but in an emergency the students can ask teachers to sign planners to allow them out of lesson to use the toilets.

Query      My child will be on holiday on GCSE / GCE results day and they want me to collect their results.

Solution   The Academy requires a signed letter by the student explaining that they wish for you to collect  their results on their behalf.  This letter must be brought with you on results day.

Should you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.