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The history curriculum aims to encourage a curiosity in all students to inspire them to find out more and develop a passion for History. We will develop students’ understanding of how past events influence and impact on aspects of life today in the UK and across the world. Students will develop an understanding of chronology which will help them organise their knowledge of the past. Furthermore, students will build a strong foundation of key skills which will enable them to become successful Historians. For example, to develop inference, source analysis, substantiated judgements at the start of KS3 that are developed throughout the curriculum and that are transferrable to other subject areas as well.

Our curriculum will inspire students to think critically, question and challenge sources and interpretations, give their opinion and make substantiated judgements. (repeated points?)

Students will also develop an understanding of the historical importance of our local area with examples such as the link of Oliver Cromwell with Ely and St Ives, Catherine of Aragon with Peterborough and the abolition of slavery with Thomas Clarkson from Wisbech.

  • Courses: GCSE History and A Level History

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Department Staff

Head of History Mrs A Harriman
Teacher of History Miss S Barlow
Teacher of History Mrs J Carter-Kitchingman
Teacher of History Mrs K Huett
Teacher of History Miss N Kelly