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History is inescapable. Our future is shaped by our past. History studies what has happened in the past, helps  us understand the links between past and present, connecting things through time and encouraging students to delve deeper into cultures, traditions, events and people and how they have influenced the world today.

We aim to instil a curiosity in each student which will make them want to discover more about the past and give them a better understanding of the world they live in. Our curriculum will inspire students to think critically, question and challenge sources and interpretations, give their opinion and make substantiated judgements.

The key skills needed to become successful Historians can be utilised in many different career paths in the future.  

  • Courses: GCSE History and A Level History

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Department Staff

Head of History Mrs A Harriman
Teacher of History Miss S Barlow
Teacher of History Mrs J Carter-Kitchingman
Teacher of History Mrs K Huett
Teacher of History Miss N Kelly