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In Media we prepare our young people for the workplace and life in general. We want to produce students who can assist business and industries with their knowledge of advertising, social media, marketing and broadcasting skills including print genres.

The media studies course allows students to begin a four-year journey in small steps starting by looking at the print industry with comic books and art, then they will move onto pre-production skills that encompasses all disciplines from the world of broadcasting. Following this they will focus on digital skills using photoshop to create digital graphics and then finally create and have an awareness of radio skills. In the later years they will be able to progress by having more detailed skills in specialist areas such as film production, TV production, radio and audio drama production in addition to print and analysis skills.

These qualifications are rich in content and diversity and give the students a rewarding creative development to enter the arts-based industries. Indeed, the curriculum at KS4 focuses on creativity ability and KS5 technical ability.

Courses: Level 1/2 OCR Cambridge National Creative iMedia in Digital Media and Level 3 OCR Cambridge Technical in Digital Media Production

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Department Staff

Teacher of Media Ms C Fadipe