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Modern Foreign Languages

Our 5-year interleaving curriculum aims to provide students with a coherent foundation in either French or Spanish by focusing on the key knowledge and skills required to communicate effectively. Students’ knowledge is consolidated by regularly revisiting key themes so that the language is gradually built upon and transferable skills are developed. Similarly, we aim to create a positive classroom environment providing meaningful language input which allows students to acquire language naturally.

Our vision is for all students to achieve a knowledge of:

  • The linguistic structure of their chosen language and how this compares to English.
  • A range of vocabulary covering the five GCSE themes achieved through our planned approach to explicit vocabulary teaching of lexical phrases.
  • French or Spanish culture and customs.

Similarly, our department will provide students with the necessary skills to:

  • Decrypt and produce language through the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Compare and contrast cultural norms, showing empathy and understanding
  • Manipulate and recycle language in order to notice common patterns
  • Plan, realize and evaluate the effectiveness of their own language productivity. Show problem solving skills and apply knowledge of different style exam questions when faced with a challenge.

Courses: GCSE French, GCSE Spanish

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Department Staff

Head of MFL Miss E Davall
Teacher of MFL Miss H Copeland
Teacher of MFL Miss A Lane