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Most lessons will be live on Microsoft Teams with your teacher.  Some lessons may not be ‘live’, for example if the teacher is absent.  In these cases we will ensure work is posted on Teams and you are informed. All students have a licence to download use Microsoft Office suite at home on up to 4 devices.

Students will need their school email address and password.

Students will follow their timetable as if they were in school.  We have attached the school day for each Year group at the end of this document.

Students should log in to register each morning from 8:50. They do not need to stay online for the whole tutor period; just to register and communicate with their tutor.

The only lessons that will not continue are core PE. Pupils are encouraged to exercise at home or in the garden if appropriate for their core PE lessons.

Please follow your timetable as if you were in school and complete all work set.  Most students were given exercise books on the last day of term to support them in this period.  Work can be completed on a device or on paper.  Staff may ask for work to be photographed and retuned.

Go 4 Schools will be used to register students, so parents should use this facility to check and monitor work being completed by their children.

If you need support with accessing Microsoft Teams please email