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Parents’ Forum

Parents' forum

The parents’ forum is a group of parents who meet every half term to discuss how day to day issues and initiatives affect the students in the Academy and to make suggestions for improvement where appropriate.

We cannot get involved in individual complaints but advise parents to use the procedures set out in this guide. Dates of forthcoming meetings are available via the calendar.

Should you wish to become involved, please do contact us for further details.

Our Aims Are:
  • To represent views of all parents and carers on aspects of education, welfare and related Academy matters.  This allows the Academy to hear a variety of viewpoints on education to assess the implications from parental viewpoints.
  • To consider ways that parents and carers can work with the Academy in improving their children’s learning and achievement.  This suggests ideas to the Academy that could allow more parents and carers to help their children to learn and grow in confidence.
  • To promote ways that parents/carers and the Academy can work in partnership.  This offers  suggestions on strengthening current practice and developing it further.  Identify ways for parents to engage in activities and events that support children’s welfare and education.
  • To assist in building positive relations between parents and carers, Academy staff and the local Community.  This develops ideas to promote closer relationships and understanding between the Academy, parents/carers and local community.
  • To work with the Academy to promote Neale-Wade within the community and within Fenland. This helps develop closer links between the Academy, local community and Fenland, through ideas and action.