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The politics curriculum will build upon the student’s prior knowledge of democracy in the UK and their role as a responsible citizen, enabling students to further develop awareness and explain the society in which we live. With knowledge on the main features of political systems and constitutional functions, students will be adept at identifying the nuances and anomalies that have and continue to underpin political decisions, and critically analyse the ramifications of such decisions. Understanding will be further grounded by the political philosophy derived from ideologies that underpin the matrix of our ever changing social and political environment.

The curriculum will inform students to evaluate and provide judgement on topical issues through discussion and debate, with confidence of suggestions on which directions the issue may develop. It will also enable them to continue further studying the discipline or engage in a practical way through careers such as local, regional or national government, journalism, the civil service or law.

Courses: A level Politics

Department Staff

Teacher of Politics Mr T Boyce
Teacher of Politics Mr M Smith