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The curriculum  aims to inspire in students a curiosity about human behaviour and to develop knowledge of cognitive processes and human behaviour. Students will develop an understanding of designing and carrying out experiments and how to use statistical analysis to report results. This in turn developing evaluation and analysis skills making psychology relevant to students and their social groups. Psychology is a subject area that assists students in their future in a number of ways, from understanding communication skills of posture, body language and eye contact etc., which are valuable in interviews and working with people, to understanding how best to learn using memory techniques and to gain knowledge in how individuals can be influenced by others. Psychology is a subject in demand with the focus on the need for more mental health support and the need for more educational and clinical psychologists. Studying the GCSE in psychology offers students the foundation to their learning which is extended during A level study.

Courses: GCSE Psychology and A level Psychology

Department Staff

Teacher of Psychology Mrs A Foreman
Teacher of Psychology Mr D Kenning