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Rewards & Sanctions

Rewards and Sanctions

There is a well-established system of Positive Points that reward positive behaviour and sanctions that address poor behaviour.

We insist upon a high standard of behaviour by students at all times. A high premium is placed upon courtesy, self-restraint, respect for others, for property and consideration for all. We pride ourselves on the polite and co-operative behaviour of all our students and this achievement is the result of hard work by staff, parents and students. Students can cash in reward points at their Year Office.  For example, Year 7 will have a range of stationery and early lunch queue passes, whereas Year 10 will work towards more substantial rewards for higher point values of iTunes vouchers and free tickets to the end of year trip.

Students who misbehave will receive appropriate sanctions. As an Academy we protect the students’ right to learn. Low level disruption in lessons is minimised using a ‘Consequence System’. Students causing disruption are removed from the lesson and placed in a different classroom where they are expected to continue their studies without further disruption.

A variety of other methods including detentions, reports and parental meetings are used to ensure high standards are maintained. If an after Academy detention is given, parents will be notified 24 hours in advance of the date so that appropriate transport arrangements can be made by them. In cases of repeated unsatisfactory behaviour or work, parents/carers are contacted and their co-operation sought to resolve the problem. In extreme cases of misbehaviour, the Principal, with the knowledge of the Governors, will exclude a student from the Academy, either for a fixed term, or in exceptional circumstances, permanently.

C System

The C system (Consequences System) is a behaviour procedure designed for low level disruption within lessons. Members of staff have been trained to defuse situations by giving students a number of verbal prompts and reminders to modify inappropriate behaviour. A C1 is given if students persist in low level disruption. This might include shouting out, turning around, not sitting in the right seat, messing around with equipment or constant chatter. If a student chooses to continue to work inappropriately, despite being given verbal warnings, a C2 may be given. The student is removed by a designated member of staff to another classroom for the remainder of the lesson, to continue with the set work. The student is expected to attend a resolution conversation with the member of staff the next day.