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The science curriculum is a 5-7-year framework during which students can explore their interest and passion for science whilst developing an in depth understanding of a range of science topics. Student will also develop skills working scientifically which includes investigating, observing, experimenting and testing ideas. Models are used to make predictions; problem solve and develop scientific explanations and understanding. Furthermore, students will develop skills in planning, using apparatus safely in order to gather data and making observations in order to reach a conclusion. Students will develop their understanding of everyday science applications including evaluating associated social, economic and environmental impact. Students should also be able to evaluate risks within practical tasks, appreciate the power and limitations of science, whilst considering the ethical issues which may arise. Additionally, students will develop mathematical skills within arithmetical and numerical computation, handling data, algebra, graphs, geometry and trigonometry. The science curriculum offers opportunities for students to develop their interest and passion for science. This includes recent advances in science, relevant news articles and details on careers in a range of scientific fields to inspire our students to become the next generation of young scientists. Throughout the five-year framework students will have the opportunities to develop their love for science by hearing from a number of scientists who are all experts in their fields and by participating in visits to specialist science centres.

Courses: GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Physics, GCSE Combined Science, A level Biology, A Level Chemistry, A level Physics, Level 3 OCR Cambridge Technical Foundation Diploma in Applied Science

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Department Staff

Assistant Principal for Science Miss L Wilson
Teacher of Science Mrs M Brundle
Teacher of Science/Progress Leader Mrs K Chegwidden
Teacher of Science Mrs S Eccles
Teacher of Science/Assistant Head Post-16 Mrs C Gribble
Teacher of Science Mr S Guest
Teacher of Science/Progress Leader Mrs E Harte
Teacher of Science Mrs S Hubbard
Teacher of Science/Curriculum Director Mrs S Mandley
Teacher of Science Mrs S Martin
Teacher of Science Mr E Seddon
Teacher of Science/Assistant Principal Post-16 Dr C Spibey
Teacher of Science Mrs S Svoba Nori
Teacher of Science/Progress Leader Mr N Tuffin