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Student welfare

Student Welfare

Student support plays an important part in the day to day running of Neale-Wade Academy. Our aim is to provide optimum support for students and to resolve issues quickly and effectively. We work closely with other members of staff and many outside professional bodies to create an effective network of people who are able to offer information, advice and support to students and their families. The Academy offers confidential support around the delicate subject of Child Protection Issues. As Designated Person, Mrs Hitch is on hand to protect and deal with all information in complete confidence.

Pastoral System:

The aim of the Pastoral System is to support all students through the delivery of the governments ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda. All of the members of the Pastoral team are responsible for the individual wellbeing and academic progress of the children within their year group. Parents/carers should contact the Progress Leader or Pastoral Assistant (see contacts page) if there are any concerns or queries regarding their child’s education.


Here 2 Listen is a group of year 10 & 11s, who have applied, been interviewed and trained to be peer mentors. These students are identifiable by the red square badge they all wear, and can be approached directly by students who would like a fellow student to talk to. They may be asked to help with homework, difficulties with friendship groups, bullying issues or the many and varied issues concerning our students at Neale-Wade Academy. The Mentors are trained to encourage students to speak to a trusted adult if that is more appropriate. They are also told of the importance of confidentiality during their training.  The Mentors may also be used by our Pastoral team to befriend students or to mediate between students.

Cybermentors - 24 Year 9,10 & 11s have been trained by Beatbullying UK a nationally recognised organisation to mentor online via All students have access to this totally safe social networking/mentoring site.


KS4 Room - provides a quiet atmosphere where students are taught by teaching staff. The intention is to work towards reintegration into main stream school.

ACES (Aspiring, Challenge and Educated Students) - This is available for Year 7 and 8 students who need extra support for a short period of time. They have 60% of their lessons taught by one teacher and have permanent LSA support. All students are expected to return to mainstream lessons so that they have the best opportunities for success in the future.

OASIS - Offsite Academic Support for Individual Students. Most students will be Years 9 – 11.  OASIS is an offsite support unit for students who have not been successful in mainstream education for a variety of reasons. The aim of the unit is to enable students to move to the next level of their education and to develop the skills they need to be successful beyond school.

Student Welfare - provides mentoring for referred students. Behaviour monitoring occurs via the use of reports and spot checking in lessons. There is a tutor group of students that need more intensive support in making better choices. They organise Respect Groups for students that continually display poor behaviour. They liaise with outside agencies to provide counselling and social skills groups.

Our aim is to prevent exclusions by offering early intervention. We believe it is vital to identify students most at risk, giving support by identifying their needs and working in close partnership with parents/carers, staff and other outside agencies, breaking down barriers and building strong links ensuring we can provide a supportive service, enabling all students to progress. Students can be referred to CORE through Year Progress Leaders.