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At Neale-Wade, we want all of our students and staff to arrive safely and on time. Cycling to school is not only good exercise, but good for the environment as well. Whilst we encourage the use of cycles, we also have a concern for the safety of all. A few tips to remember are:

  • Bikes should be in good working order. Repairs are best done at home rather than on the road.
  • Bikes need to have brakes that are in good working order.
  • Cyclists must dress to be seen and to be safe. We strongly recommend the wearing of a safety helmet.
  • Lights should be in good working order. Mirrors can be helpful and a loud bell or horn is advisable.
  • Rules of the road must be obeyed. Consideration should be given to others.
  • Students should avoid short-cuts even if they are in a hurry and never cycle anywhere that they would not be comfortable walking.
  • A chain or padlock will keep bikes secure.

We also strongly recommend the use of cycle paths provided through the town as a safer alternative to road use.

A limited amount of cycle racks are available and we strongly recommend the use of a cycle lock. The Academy will not accept liability, financial or otherwise, for the loss or theft of cycles. Students must walk bikes onto the premises and mount and dismount outside of the Academy grounds. Bikes should never be ridden on the Academy site.

Home to Academy Transport:

This is provided free for those students who live more than three miles from the Academy within the normal catchment area as defined by the Local Education Authority.

Bus passes are issued from Shire Hall in Cambridge, though the Academy can issue temporary bus passes in emergencies. It is important that students carry their bus pass in a safe place since its loss can cause inconvenience and additional cost (£7.50). Timetables and bus passes are issued from Shire Hall during the summer holidays.

Students are expected to get to the bus stop promptly and to wait a reasonable time if buses are late picking up in the mornings. If they miss a bus in the afternoon they must report to reception where arrangements can be made to get them home. Prefects have authority on the buses to reprimand any student whose behaviour is causing discomfort and inconvenience to others and who break the County Council Code of Conduct.

The Academy provides one late bus (leaving the Academy at 4.30pm) everyday of the week, for which Year 11 students are given priority.

If you have any concerns about home to Academy transport please telephone 0345 045 0345 or email: