We welcome our Apprentice Geographers to explore the changing world with us. Geography encourages young minds to evaluate and analyse the ways the human world interacts with the physical world. As apprentices you will encounter the diversity of places and people in the world, and to take pride in your place within it. To be confident in your understanding of natural and human environments, and how to use this knowledge to be successful in your own life. Whether that is in a Geography based career, or with the skills you develop on your journey with us. 


Our Pupils will be inspired by the past, developing their curiosity about what links the past and present by investigating cultures, traditions, events, and society. They will take advantage of all opportunities to question and think critically about the world around them and be able to confidently communicate their ideas to others.

Religious Studies

We welcome our Apprentice Philosophers to explore the way thought shapes the world. Religious Studies encourages young minds to evaluate and analyse the ways different belief systems affect the way people behave. As apprentices you will encounter different religions and philosophies from around the world. We aim to create a safe environment for students to form their own opinions and develop pride in their own community and their place within it. Debating issues from their personal perspective and opposing perspectives are key skills needed to develop confident and successful thinkers who have their own sense of identity. 


Head of Geography: Mrs N Ockerby -
Head of History: Mrs A Harriman -



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